March 17 Blitz in Bethel

The sheriff's office conducted a drug sweep through Bethel Township and New Carlisle on March 17 at the trustees' request. This was done in conjunction with officers from the Highway Patrol, Springfield Police Division, Ohio Investigative Unit, U.S. Marshall's office, and Range Task Force, and involved over 20 officers and 2 drug dogs. Here are the results of the evening:

Total traffic stops:  159
Subjects taken to jail:  16
Warrant Totals:
10 Misdemeanor, 6 Felony, 2 Failure to Appear, 4 Fugitive warrants
Traffic Offenses:
2 No plates, 1 No operator license, 1 Speed, 4 Driving under suspension, 10 Seatbelt, 1 Open container
Criminal Offenses:
2 Possession of Marijuana
1 Juvenile in possession of Marijuana
4 ​Underage sale of alcohol to a minor (workers in 4 different stores)

A big THANK YOU to Sheriff Burchett and all the officers involved!!!