Donnelsville Cemetery hillside as seen from the entrance, with tombstones highlighted against the sky

Bethel Township operates one active cemetery, Donnelsville Cemetery on N. Hampton Rd., and maintains ten inactive cemeteries.



                            Resident            Non-resident

8 graves               $2,400                    $3,600

4 graves               $1,200                    $1,800

2 graves               $  600                     $  900



Open and close grave                     

Weekdays            $550           $750 after 2 pm

Weekends            $650           $850 after 2 pm

Holidays               $750           $950 after 2 pm

Cremation or infant burial               

Weekdays             $200           $400 after 2 pm

Weekends             $400           $500 after 2 pm

Holidays                $400           $500 after 2 pm

The charge for pouring cemetery foundations is $0.60 per square inch.

There is a $100 charge for military markers.


                                                                              CEMETERY REGULATIONS                   

All regulations encompassed in this document apply to all cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Bethel Township Trustees of Clark County, and will remain in effect unless superseded by State Statute or revision by said Board.


The possession of a deed to a lot in a township cemetery is only an easement and does not convey any property to the owner of said deed.

In the event that someone wishes to have a body interred it will be required of the person making such a request to have either the deed to said lot or the legal claim to such lot as would be established by probate action. In the event that the deed cannot be produced, then all legal heirs must be in accord with the interment of any person on such lot.

Residents may acquire gravesites upon payment of the designated fee to be charged residents, and non-residents may do so upon payment of the fee to be charged non-residents. The costs of burial lots shall be set by the Bethel Township Trustees, as will the fees for opening and closing. The liability for the payment of opening and closing fees shall rest with the person, or in the case of a funeral home, the firm requesting the opening of such grave.

Burial of cremains will be limited to 4 per lot, or one regular burial and 2 burial(s) of cremains per lot. Cremation headstones should be flat and flush with the ground.

Residency status shall be determined by the status of the person(s) in whose name(s) the deed is to be issued. A person shall be deemed a "resident" of Bethel township if that person is eligible, by reason of actual place of primary abode, to be an "elector" of Bethel Township. A person shall be deemed a "non-resident" of Bethel Township if that person is not eligible, by reason of actual place of primary abode, to be an "elector" of Bethel Township. Residency shall be determined at the time of the original issuance of deed(s) or subsequent transfers as may be applicable.

Deeds to cemetery lots are kept by the township Fiscal Officer or his/her designee as a matter of public record. Copies of such deeds may be given to persons purchasing lots or persons bearing a notarized document granting ownership to the bearer of said document. The notarized document must carry the signature of the owner of such deed or the signature of all legal heirs of the lot owner's in the event that he or she be deceased.

Transfers in ownership of unused cemetery graves will be valid only when recorded by the clerk or designee in the township's cemetery deed books. Transfers of ownership may be made at a price which does not exceed the original purchase price. Unused graves may be sold back to the township at the price they were purchased; these will be resold by the township at the current price.


The township or its agents will be responsible for grounds maintenance in the cemeteries.

The Board of Township Trustees will only allow head or footstones of conventional type that shall not exceed forty (40) inches in height and thirty (30) inches in width. The length may vary but cannot exceed the deeded lot(s). All permanent grave markers or decorations shall have a base of concrete the size and depth to be determined by the sexton of the cemetery, and all foundation work will be done by the township or its agents. Before any permanent grave marker or decoration shall be erected it will be necessary to get the direct permission of the Board of Township Trustees. Any markers or decoration that have been erected or placed without the permission of the Board of Township Trustees can be removed from said lot.

The mowing of grass in the cemeteries shall be the sole responsibility of the Board of Township Trustees or their agents. No one shall be permitted to operate a mower or other type of maintenance equipment in the cemeteries without prior permission of the Board of Township Trustees.

No ornamental shrubs may be planted without permission of the Board of Township Trustees. Once planted, shrubs shall be the responsibility of the lot owner to maintain. In the event that such shrubs are left unmaintained a letter shall be sent to the lot owner stating the need for maintenance of such shrubs; after a reasonable time they can be removed if they have not been maintained. Flowers may be planted in an urn or vase that has been secured on the lot, or in well maintained plots that do not interfere with mowing and other maintenance.

All flower saddles must have grave names on them in the event they are blown off by wind.

All grave decorations that have not been secured in the prescribed manner and all temporary grave decorations shall be removed three times a year: on or about April 15, June 15, and September 15.

There shall be no walls or other permanent structures erected in the cemeteries without permission of the Board of Township Trustees. The Board of Township Trustees has no responsibility to repair or replace any walls or grave markers that are without proper bases or that have been erected without permission.

The township is not responsible for weather related stone damage or vandalism.


The opening and closing of graves in the cemeteries shall be the sole responsibility of the Board of Township Trustees or their agents. The person or firm ordering such opening or closing shall accept the financial liability for the costs of such opening and closing. These costs must be paid prior to the closing of the grave.

There shall be no Sunday burials, and the Board of Township Trustees or the sexton must be given at least forty-eight (48) hours notice prior to the time designated for an interment. Also, in the event of inclement weather, it will be imperative to contact the Board of Township Trustees or the sexton before a definite time of interment can be established.

The cost of opening and closing is a figure which may change from year to year. Therefore, upon request by a funeral director, a notice will be sent annually to the funeral home with the current costs of opening and closing.

A vault shall be required for all interments in the cemeteries and it shall be of either concrete, steel, composite, or another permanent material.

Burials are only permitted in active cemeteries.


The cemeteries close at dark daily, and it is illegal to trespass after that time.

Owners on whose property inactive cemeteries are located will make sure that these cemeteries are accessible to anyone wishing to visit or maintain such areas. A permanent unobstructed right of way for maintenance or visiting vehicles shall be maintained.